Who we are

LCLC Properties is a private limited company incorporated pursuant to the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus and focusing its operational strategy in marketing & managing property. Established with its founders strong and wide network and professional experience, the company already acquiring all necessary network, background, experience, infrastructure & permits necessary in order to ensure quality of service and negotiation success for your property deals.

Our mission

Our mission and aim is to remain a fresh, dynamic and innovative concept, focusing its services in a comprehend aspect of the local Real Estate market always while retaining consistency to international standards and always customer oriented. Pursuing a new, changing generation of the Real Estate market.

What we do

Based in Limassol, Cyprus, with a Pan-Cyprian reach, LCLC acquires longstanding roots as real estate agents, property management consultants, civil engineers and real estate valuators on a wide range of property matters. Our real estate service is differentiated in the extensive list of properties as well as the customized procedures based on each of our clients’ needs & requirements.

Our team’s competitive advantage lies within its broad insight and deep knowledge, as well as its experience of the local real estate market and property management. Search our database for properties to buy, rent, sell and/or lease all over the island.

Our firm

Our firm deals with all types of properties all over Cyprus and Abroad in co-operation with other registered Estate agents.

We are working with the most reputable developers on the Island in order to assure the best value properties for our customers always under the values of confidentiality and integrity.

If you are interest to invest in Cyprus, LCLC is your best partner. Call for all necessary information as to how to buy/sell or rent property in the island.